Natural Remedies That Keeps Your Lawn Green Throughout the Year

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn in PerthHomeowners tend to make spectacular architectural designs for their prospective houses. With little knowledge of the real estate industry, many contract the project from the planning phase to the final completion. Recently, there is a growing trend of adopting eco-friendly residential environment in the affluent estates. The position of the lawn and the design forms part of conception with the owner determining the appropriate vegetation and flowers that go to the gardens. When it comes to lawn and home gardens, garden services in Perth provide maintenance solutions for keeping a tranquil environment.

Here are some home garden maintenance strategies that reduce the impact on the environment:

Organic manure

With increased farming activities, it’s hard to tell the suitable crops for a given area without carrying out scientific soil tests. With increased use of chemicals in the soils, most plans suffer from nutrient imbalance in the ground affecting the appearance of your lawn. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are expensive and contribute to the depletion of natural elements. With vegetable waste coming from your kitchen, you can make enough composted manure to restore the fertility of your garden.

Get rid of snails and slugs

After a successful lawn establishment, you need to keep it free from perennial parasites that cause physical destruction to the vegetation. The most common parasites include snails and slugs that come during the rainy seasons. Crushing egg shells around the plants bars the organisms from accessing the facilities and also enrich the soil with calcium. Other natural remedies for these animals include beer traps, sandpaper, mixed planting and seaweed.

Use rainwater

With a broad variety of lawns to choose from, you need to get the right species that suits the type of soils and prevailing weather conditions. During the dry seasons, you need to water the grass and flowers to prevent from possible drooping and secondary drying. Water from the treatment areas contains chlorine that is likely to affect your plants. Watering your plants with rainwater keeps them free from harmful chemicals and makes them healthy. Using organic methods to preserve your home gardens reduces soil and water pollution.