New Endeavours: Ventures to Do for the New Year

New Year in Australia One look at the calendar will say the year is about to end, with 2016 close to knocking on the doors. People believe that new years are new beginnings. With the new year comes new opportunities, resolutions and goals. If you believe in constant improvement, reinvention and growth, then here are three ventures you should do for a new you this 2016.

Learn a New Skill

Another year will come to pass. Your resume and skillset should not stagnate. On the contrary, you need to grow. For the coming 2016, go out there and learn something new. Enrol in foreign language classes, learn how to drive (if you have not done so already), take up a sport or try a new hobby. You are your own investment, so see yourself grow with new knowledge, skill and experience.

Get Fit

Plenty of people include getting in shape in their list of New Year’s resolutions. Health and wellness are good things to strive for this 2016. Health is, after all, wealth.

Visit your local fitness centre in Perth and call personal trainers that will set you straight. Why not try a new sport and play for a team? Consult your physician, and have your nutritionist prescribe you a diet according to your fitness goals. says having a personal trainer also helps you reach your goals. Start the year right, and make sure to see it through.

Start a Business Venture

This year may be the time to be your own boss. With all the micro-enterprises sprouting in Australia, there is no reason not to start your own. Choose the trade and field you want, be it catering or gardening, and plan your new business. Strike up partnerships, do your research, then start it up. With enough capital, you can see your business grow and flourish.

You should say goodbye to 2015, because 2016 is here. And make this coming year yours.