New Home Construction: Top 4 Architectural Trends

Newly built houseBuilding your house from the ground up opens a world of design possibilities. Whether you have a vivid image of your dream home or not, it pays to draw inspiration from the latest trends. If you ask and other builders in Townsville or Cairn, they believe that the following are some of the hottest ideas set to dominate the Australian architectural scene:

Circle Is the New Rectangle

When it comes to home exteriors, more architects are using curves in lieu of corners. The abundant use of circular features is as functional as they’re fascinating. They intend to maximise every inch of the site and connect with the outside world. Having a roundhouse design also pays homage to indigenous, resource-efficient architectural styles like igloos.

Industrial Out, Natural In

Natural materials are reclaiming Australian architecture. Actually, the timelessness of wood and stone isn’t a myth. While they never went out of style, the use of red bricks and lightly stained timber is finally becoming mainstream again.

(Minimal) Size Matters

In many circles, small home designs are considered to promote sustainable living. After all, large houses are usually an energy drain. With a thoughtful floor plan, you can design big while building small and promote multiple uses of space. Also, smaller homes can be the answer to the growing housing unaffordability in the country.

Exterior “Peripherals” Are Afterthoughts No More

In terms of increasing kerb appeal, almost every element of the home exterior is now expected to contribute. There’s a growing interest in integrating both major and minor details into the overall exterior scheme. While garage doors, fences, and water tanks might not still be any home’s focal point outside, start paying more attention to the style, colour, and texture of these secondary visual elements.

Trends are often just suggestions, not rules. The most important thing is to prioritise your unique functional and aesthetic requirements when designing your new home. After all, the first person you need to please is yourself not guests, onlookers, or passers-by.