No Fear: Helping Your Children Prepare for Surgery

Prepare for SurgerySurgery can be frightening for adults, what more for young children? Depending on your child’s condition, time in the operating table is unavoidable. This time, and especially their time during pre-op and post-op care don’t have to be traumatic.

You can prepare your kids for surgery days or even weeks before the procedure. Before doing so, however, you must adequately prepare yourself first. Learn your child’s condition and the procedure he will undergo.

Spend for their comfort. Your kids need to feel as safe and as at home as possible during their hospital stay. You can check out facilities in private hospitals in Kent like and review their paediatric professionals and even their paediatric wing. Check if they offer treatments and have facilities that are specifically for kids.

Educate them about their condition. Whether they need a complicated surgery or simple ones, the experience will be less frightening if they understand it in some way. Encourage questions and give them simplified but honest answers. It might be better for them if they understand the purpose of their surgery and how it can alleviate their pain.

Assure them that you are there. Kids will feel better knowing their parent is there before, after, or even during the procedure. Tell your kids that you will be there when they wake up. As you are not allowed in the operating room, explain to them that their doctor is going to be there for them during the procedure. It helps if the doctor is somebody your child likes and trusts as well.

No parent wants their child to undergo surgery, but sometimes it is a necessity. You can help your kids through this by preparing them as well as yourself for the procedure and the care that comes after it. When in doubt, always consult with your paediatric doctor and ask them for assistance.

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