No Strings Attached

kid showing his toothThe classic comedy sketch depicting the extraction of a tooth involves a piece of string attached to the tooth, the slamming of a door and the lone tooth falling to the ground. There are different reasons why a person might need their tooth taken out, and having a painful wisdom tooth is one of them. Funnily enough though, wisdom teeth extraction in Erskineville doesn’t involve a door or a piece of string.

In Erskineville, wisdom teeth extraction is the safer way to rid someone of a tooth that is causing discomfort. In all seriousness, no one should ever try and take their wisdom tooth out at home. Dental practices such as Healthy Smile Centre offer this procedure to patients if they should need it, making sure that further complications are avoided in the future.

Unwanted arrivals

Wisdom teeth aren’t always welcome. They usually show up through the gums in a person’s late teens to their early twenties. Because the other teeth are already settled in place, the growth of a wisdom tooth can be uncomfortable. It might grow at an angle, get stuck or only partially emerge. If it is causing someone pain, they may choose to get that tooth removed.

If someone thinks that they need their wisdom tooth removed they would visit the dentist to see if this is the right procedure for them. In Erskineville, wisdom teeth extraction is chosen by the dentist after examining the patient’s teeth.

If the dentist decides that the wisdom tooth needs to be extracted, they will take an x-ray of the patient’s teeth. This is so that their teeth can be thoroughly examined. If needed, sedation can be given to the patient during the procedure to make sure that they feel as comfortable as possible.

Rescuing the remains

Wisdom teeth that have become impacted pose as risks to someone’s oral health. A build-up of plaque around the edge of the wisdom tooth can lead to issues like tooth decay, gum disease or abscesses. This is why it is important for them to be removed, to restore a patient’s smile and comfort.