Not Cool Enough: Signs That Your AC System Needs a Replacement

Air Conditioning SystemYou’ve invested your earnings on your AC, spent years making your home cool and comfortable, and have gotten used to seeing your good, ol’ cooling unit. Then again, nothing lasts forever — not even a high-end AC unit.

When do you say goodbye to your old cooling unit? As the professionals of suggest, replace or have your AC repaired when you see the following signs:

  1. You have been calling the HVAC tech more often than necessary. AC check-ups are good, but not when they are becoming a frequent occurrence. The more frequent the repairs are, the more damaged the appliance is likely to be.
  2. Your AC unit has been with you for years. There is nothing wrong with being sentimental, but an old air conditioning system may be as good as nothing. For the most part, the life span of a unit ranges from 10 to 15 years. Any more beyond that, and you could expect sputtering noise or continuous defrosting. Consider replacing the unit at this point instead of spending so much on repairs.
  3. Your house or room becomes warmer or cooler than the usual. You know something is wrong when the temperature changes despite not tweaking the controls. Check your AC for leaks or holes that could affect the airflow.
  4. Your energy bill is unbelievably high. It may be just because you have too many appliances at home, but a malfunctioning AC unit can also be the source of your high utility costs.
  5. Your AC unit is clogged with allergens and dust. This is not only burdensome in your home, but may also pose a threat to your health, especially if you a family member who has allergies or asthma.

To save yourself the time and the trouble, contact a company that offers air conditioning repairs. You will not regret saying goodbye to that old unit.