Office Relocation Made Easy

officeRelocating to a new office space can be an overwhelming task, so planning for the move is critical. To save time and to avoid hassles, familiarise yourself and your staff with the new location and the office layout well before the day of the move.

There are a number of reasons why businesses relocate, such as having more space for employees and to be in a location that’s more relevant for your company. Whatever reason you may have, you will have a much more pleasant move by keeping the following tips in mind:

Planning is key

Make sure that everyone in your organisation knows the measurements of their new office spaces. Create a floor plan well before the date of relocation. The floor plan must indicate where everyone and everything will be. Give out copies of the plan to everyone.

Being organised throughout the process will prevent stress and issues for you and your staff. You may also consider hiring the services of a removal company. in Perth says that packing and storing a business’ things according to schedule is important to keep the entire relocation as efficient as possible.

Take measurements

You should also take measurements of the rooms and the office furniture that will be going into them accurately. You wouldn’t want to move into the new office and find that your old furniture doesn’t fit just because you didn’t take some time to properly measure the space.

Packing everything properly

Have a labelling system to accurately keep track of your items. Remind your staff to clearly mark their things to avoid any losses. Put office supplies in properly labelled boxes. Remind everyone to also take home all personal items.

Relocating your office involves more than just moving your employees and your things. Remind your vendors about your new address so that they can update your contact information. This would save you the trouble of bills and packages being sent to the wrong address.

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