Outside the Law Firm: 3 Places You Can Work as a Paralegal

LawParalegals are not just confined to work in a law firm. They’re everywhere.

That’s because the law is not just for courtrooms, it’s also for businesses, organizations, and individuals. The law affects everyone. This means paralegals and other legal professionals have job opportunities outside the law firm or the courtroom.

In the Corporate World

LegalStudies.com explains that online paralegal certificate courses teach you a certain skill set related to legal education. The same skills are also essential in the corporate world.

Corporations need paralegals, too, and for numerous jobs at that. You can be assigned to handle new subsidiary setup processes—a position that requires due diligence, skills in closing mechanics, and post-closing integration.

Other jobs that you can do include handling incorporation requirements, early business planning, drafting of by-laws, and more.

In the Private Sector

Community-based non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are also great places for paralegals to work. Finding a job in a like-minded organization will not be quite a challenge for skilled paralegals with the same interests.

If your practice of interest is in the medical field, for example, working with the Red Cross is a great option. Paralegals who are human rights advocates can applyto organizations like the United Nations, while those interested in family law and child services can join Save the Children or other related organizations.

In the Healthcare Field

Nursing paralegals are relatively new, but are slowly becoming more in demand, especially as the globe puts greater emphasis on healthcare.

Clinics, medical companies, insurance companies, and other healthcare establishments all have need for specialized legal support. Paralegals with a background in the healthcaresector are valuable assets for these companies. You already have medical knowledge, so understanding the legal problems of the medical field will be easy.

Becoming a paralegal is not just about helping in the day-to-day clerical activities of a law firm. Find a niche that fits you and you could be working for personal or financial fulfillment, or both.

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