Painting Aluminium Shutters: Making Old Shutters Look as Good as New

aluminum shuttersIdeally, aluminium shutters were designed to be installed in mobile homes and recreational vehicles. But, in recent times, many people have taken to installing them on the windows of their homes as well. The material is not only durable and light, but it is also resistant to corrosion. It also has thermal and electrical conductivity and reflexivity. An added bonus is that shutters made of aluminium require less maintenance than those made of other materials.

Newly installed aluminium shutters can be painted to match the décor of your home. shares some of the things you should know about painting aluminium shutters:

  • Not all kinds of paints can be used to paint metal. Your choice of topcoat paint and primer need to be suitable for use on metal surfaces.
  • Enamel and semi-gloss paints are a great choice. For best results, spray paint the shutter.
  • You can use either aerosol cans or spray rigs to paint aluminium shutters. While the aerosol paint cans are the less expensive, easily available option, spray rigs can provide a better finishing. You can rent spray rigs from rental shops that deal with construction equipment.
  • When painting aluminium shutters, you need to remove the older coat of paint before applying the new one; otherwise, the new paint will not stick. You can use a de-glossing liquid to remove the old coat of paint. Rubbing the shutter with sandpaper is also an option.
  • For the best effect, you should apply several (at least three) thin coats of paint. Thick coats of paint on aluminium shutters look less appealing and coarse.

Painting the aluminium shutters in your home can help you renew the look of your home. If you are not a DIYer, you can find professionals who provide painting services for aluminium shutters through local and online directories.

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