Parenting Tips: Teach Your Child to Love Nature

Parenting TipsTeaching children to love nature should start at an early age. Young as they are, they can be taught how to care for things around them so they can grow with maturity towards these matters.

The best way to teach children to appreciate all these natural wonders is through exposure. Taking them for walks, camping trips, picnics and trekking are some of the outdoor activities they will surely enjoy and will teach them how to love their environment.

Grow plants

Gardening is one of the best activities that you can use to teach your kids how to care for nature. You can start by giving them their own plot of soil and have them plant any plant they want. Some flowers can grow with little care and to keep the kids interested in planting, you may want to check the plants that can grow without many requirements. Watching the seedling grow and bear flowers will delight them and open them to possibilities of liking other plants as well.

You can check out the seedling section of Garden Centre in Surrey and pick marigolds and poppies. Make sure you teach them moderation on watering and exposing these to the sun. Also consider the season and choose plants accordingly. Children with pollen-allergies can plant herbs as well. Rosemarie and basil can be grown inside the house that makes them perfect as kitchen ornament.

Attract birds

You can also teach your kids to take care of wild animals. Birds are one of the most amiable animals. You can attract wild birds by giving them a nest and seeds for feeding. You may purchase wire feeders and bird tables so your children can feed the birds. Make sure that these feeding furniture are at least 6 feet high above the ground to avoid predators.

Birds are also attracted to various plants so you may consider getting more shrubs and flowerbeds. For example, you can plant hazel, moonshine, sunflower and honeysuckle all of which are great lures for wild birds. Children will surely appreciate seeing the birds nest in your garden. Just do not forget to advise them not to touch its eggs.

Children are easy to teach appreciation. Make your garden a learning environment and they will grow to love nature as you do.

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