Power Behind the Line: AC Mitigation on Pipelines, Explained

power pipelineAC mitigation aims to allay the harmful effects of an AC pipeline or station tower on the surrounding area. They do this using special devices, such as zinc ribbon that helps isolate DC, ground techniques or rods on the surface, among others.

This is because when electrical pipelines run underground, there is always the danger of induced voltage and current on the surrounding area, which is especially dangerous during a thunderstorm. In general, the potential for corrosion is greater in the place where pipelines meet power cables due to induced current.

Companies like the Mears Integrity Solutions offer ways to mitigate AC damage. An overview of the services of an AC mitigation firm:

Complete Safety Is The Focus

Commitment to complete safety is the aim of the companies that deliver AC mitigation design and engineering services. These projects are on a turnkey basis after the pre-requisite field surveys.

Design and Engineering
  • Most companies follow standard practices after the initial survey. They provide you with data that can help locate problem areas and anomalies. They also suggest the remedies to prevent problems from cropping up in the pipelines, such as corrosion.
  • Pipeline operators can hire AC mitigation companies to monitor the pipes for any stray leaks.
  • Pipeline manufacturers now use an anode assembly to increase the life of these units. This also reduces current induction.

US law requires that firms that operate power stations and pipelines have AC mitigation installed on their network, and these companies often outsource these jobs. This keeps electrical pipelines safe, not only for the company that invests in these assets, but also for people who work nearby.

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