Preparing Your Commercial Space for the Market

Window Cleaner cleaningFor small business owners, leasing is wiser than buying an office space. With leasing, a business owner doesn’t have to think about making repairs and spending big money on the purchase. A lease gives them room for flexibility, especially when business growth requires bigger space. It seems risky to buy a building because if the business fails, the owners will have to deal with empty office spaces.

As a building owner, leasing out your commercial property is a smart move. You make your property work and give you extra income. But, for it to be an income-generating asset, you will have to prep it well for the market.

Outdoors Matter

Check how the building looks outside. If there is vandalism, paint the surface. Also, keep in mind that clean windows also warrant a good impression. Of course, you cannot clean the windows yourself. For this job, you have to hire a commercial window cleaning company– you can find one in Sandy.

See that the roof is in good condition. Tenants won’t want to deal with leaks. Nice, kept lawns and landscaping and convenient parking spaces also help attract possible clients.

Everywhere Spotless

From ceiling to floor, the interior of your building must be well-cleaned. Your clients will use this space to work, so they want it to be as neat and comfortable as possible. There should be no mold or pests. A dirty area is unattractive, but moreover, it may house germs and bacteria. Business owners don’t want their employees getting sick.

Have the floor vacuumed and the wallpaper replaced, if possible. Cleanliness is good business.

Safety and Functionality

Ensure that everything inside the building works fine. Interested renters will check the water, electricity, and the washroom. They will also want to see if the heating and air conditioning work.

Safety is a top priority for tenants. Check the stairs, the elevator, and the fire escape. Have your building inspected by a safety engineer.

You bought a building to make it a profitable venture. Market it faster by showing prospective clients that everything is prepared and ready to use. You may have to work for this and shell out some money. But, if you want to earn extra, you work extra.