Privacy Matters: Blocking Out Unwanted Eyes

Cover EyesAlthough the news primarily covers and promotes awareness on how to protect your privacy online, there is just as much danger offline. Protecting your offline privacy is vital: your home should always make you feel safe and protected.

The Usual Suspects

Most homeowners choose to install curtains, as they make a classic way to dress up a room. With all the options now available in terms of fabric and style, changing the personality of your room can be as easy as putting up a different set of curtains. The only drawback is you have to install layers of gauzy curtains or heavy drapes to completely block out people’s view to your interiors.

If gauzy curtains are your preference, consider combining them with blinds. You can customise the size and material to suit your preferences. Roman blinds are the easiest to customise, but privacy blinds allow the most light to enter while blocking the view from the outside. Blinds also make a great addition to minimalist room designs.

Want to go even more minimal? says window privacy films make a great option; they allow light to enter your space without the added installations as curtains or blinds. Compared to blinds and curtains, window films are easier to clean — a quick wipe is all it needs. This way, you don’t need to replace them as you do with curtains and blinds.

Consider your lifestyle when choosing the type of privacy shade for your home. Remember that protecting the privacy of your home is the goal, whether you wish to let the light in while shielding yourself from the outside world, or prefer to block everything out.