Protection from the Summer Heat: Choose the Right Cooling System

Choosing the Right AC SystemThe next heat wave may compromise the health of someone in your household. It’s better to prepare for the worst this summer. When the current cooling system in your home needs a complete makeover, now is the best time to shop for options.

Apart from repairing broken air conditioning, Burnsville heating and cooling companies recommend choosing the right AC system for your home.

Different Types of AC Systems

American homes use different types of air conditioning systems. These include portable, wall-mounted, window mounted, and wall/window units.

Portable systems are mobile units on wheels, which make them easy to transfer from one location to another. The unit contains an exhaust to release heat from a small opening in the wall or through the window.

Wall mounted systems, on the other hand, are placed on a metal sleeve. These provide ample cooling, but require an opening through the wall for secure installation. Nonetheless, wall mounted units are easy to repair.

The most common type of air conditioning is the window-mounted type, which you can place into window openings. The best thing about this type of cooling unit is you can transfer it to another room without too much fuss.

Window/wall-mounted AC units are the most versatile of all types. You can have this installed temporarily or permanently, depending on the cooling requirements of the room.

Energy-Efficiency for Your Cooling Units

There are key features you must examine when choosing an AC unit. For instance, cooling power or capacity is one of the most important factors to consider. If the cooling capacity is too high for the space, you will experience uneven cooling. If its cooling capacity is too low, the unit will require extra power to run. You will end up with high monthly bills.

To save energy, go for Energy Star-rated air conditioners. Don’t forget to ask for the ERR or Energy Efficiency Ratio of the unit.

With the right cooling unit, you can prevent heat-related conditions and keep your home comfortable throughout the summer months.

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