Putting the Fun Back in Funeral

Casket with flowers in funeralFunerals are supposed to be a celebration of life, but all too often they are just about people mourning death. While it’s natural for people left behind to mourn those they loved, many people would like a more uplifting service when they depart – something that represents their character and the things they stood for. Funeral plans are perfect for people who would like a service that celebrates their life, rather than lamenting their death.

A funeral plan allows the policyholder to direct every aspect of their funeral. Some ideas that a funeral planning company like Golden Leaves Funeral Plans can help with include:

Photo Decorations

Instead of flowers, the church or reception venue could be decorated with photographs of the deceased throughout his or her life. Pictures could also be displayed on a projector screen during the service.

If the funeral is being held outside, the photographs could be hung from trees – a good option for people who enjoy the outdoors.

Home Video Clips

Home video clips could be played during the service for an extra special touch. It provides a far more vivid way for relatives to remember their loved ones.

Horse and Carriage

Instead of a depressing hearse, why not book a beautiful horse and carriage? As well as being majestic, it’s also an environmentally friendly way to travel to the final resting place.

Personalised Coffins

People who don’t want to be buried in a plain wooden box, why not order a personalised one instead? Personalised coffins can feature any topic the person was interested in. Football supporters can be buried or cremated in an England flag coffin, dog lovers can have one decorated with puppies, and chocolate enthusiasts can be laid to rest in a confectionary box coffin.

Have a Fireworks Party

Instead of sedate tea and cake, they could opt for an evening firework display and hotdogs.

For a send-off that celebrates life, organise your own with a pre-paid funeral plan.