Questions to Ask Your Commercial Cleaner

commercial cleaningCommercial cleaners in Perth are a dime a dozen. The huge number of cleaners in the area makes it challenging to find one that fits your need. Fortunately, experts recommend a list of questions that you should ask the service provider. These questions allow you to filter good service from the bad, and narrow down your choices.

1. “Who were your notable clients?”

Whether the cleaner is a referral or someone you got off your local yellow pages, you should ask them for a list of active clients they have, or their past clients. The more active clients they have, the higher the possibility that they are able to provide quality service, while you can ask their past clients for reviews. After all, a sloppy service does not guarantee repeat customers.

2. “What is the scope of the service?”

The cleaning company you want to hire for the job must provide you with a detailed scope of work. Keep in mind that different rooms require different cleaning methods and equipment. Aside from this, the contract should also contain a breakdown of your expenses.

3. “Is your staff credible?”

New Focus Cleaning, a Perth-based cleaning contractor, recommends that you background-check the employees that the cleaners would assign to you. You have to remember that during the cleaning process, it is unlikely that you can personally check what each one of them is doing. That being the case, you can rest assured knowing that the cleaning crew is reliable when it comes to the security of your facilities.

4. “Am I insured?”

Aside from making sure that the cleaning company has the requisite business licenses to operate in your area, check if they have an insurance policy that would protect your office from any damage. Make sure also that they have a workers’ compensation in place in case any of their staff is injured while within your premises.

Make sure that you only have one contact person, and that they have handled a similar business to yours in the past. Talking to two or more may give you less than stellar results. Once you have settled all the questions and received satisfactory answers, the next step is to hire them and enjoy their services.

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