Readying Your Home for the Winter: 4 Steps to Do It

A device adjusting the temperature in the roomKeep your family and your home in the best condition, especially now that winter is coming. Here are some essential tips and tricks to prepare your abode for the start of cold and chilly days:


Avoid drafts on your walls, attics, and basement by making sure every corner of your home is well-insulated and airtight. Don’t wait for signs of air leaks and address the problem right before it happens. One effective and inexpensive way to seal off air drafts is through weatherstrips. You may also use foam tape and door snakes to prevent the cold air from entering your home.


Examine your roof for loose or missing shingles, as this may cause bigger issues later on. Look for cracks or leaks and have them repaired immediately. To perform a more comprehensive check on your roof and gutters, American Home Contractors reminds that it’s better to hire licensed and experienced roofing contractors. Being experts in their field, they could fix issues in your roof easily.

Clean & Clear

Make it a habit to clean and remove dried leaves or any debris from your gutter. This is to maintain a clog-free system. This might block off the flow of melted snow or ice in your roof, which may affect the integrity and structure of your home.

To prevent ice buildup, ensure that you’ve properly installed an insulation and ventilation on your roof and gutter. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check if the downspouts are intact to keep your gutter working efficiently.

Wrap Up

If you have exposed water pipes and faucets, be sure you wrap them up warmly to avoid having frozen pipes. Otherwise, there’s a big possibility that these pipes or your plumbing may burst due to extremely low temperature. Experts suggest keeping a small and steady drip on all your drain valves and taps to eliminate the pressure that can freeze up your plumbing and water pipes.

Have a warm and comfy winter season by following these steps. The key to fighting off the extreme and biting cold weather is to prepare yourself, including your home, ahead of time.