Repair Concerns for Commercial Garage Doors

Worker installing garage windowGarage doors are easily overlooked. As long as they continue to work, they are hardly given any maintenance attention. That should not be the case. With the amount of work they perform on a daily basis, they are prone to the common wear and tear. A commercial garage door service company in Salt Lake City enumerates some of the common issues you must monitor.

Does not open or close with the remote

If numerous pressing on the remote would not make the door work, your batteries have probably run out of power. Either that or you are in for bigger trouble. You probably require remote reprogramming.

Opens or closes randomly

When the garage door moves without command, something might be wrong with the sensors. The simplest concern would be misaligned sensors. But if that has been corrected and the problem is not resolved, there might be something terribly wrong with your opener system. For such a serious issue, you will need help from garage door repair experts.

Makes loud noises

A sound operation is a quiet one. If your commercial garage door has been making loud screeches when moved, there is something wrong with it, most definitely. If simple lubrication of the moving parts does not work, you will require a thorough inspection to trace the cause of the problem.

Garage doors are made up of countless moving parts, and any sign of wear on any of them could easily cause a malfunction. Do not wait until you suffer a total breakdown before you act. You must have your unit checked regularly to resolve impending issues instantly, so they do not cause costlier repairs afterwards. Professional service is your best option because tampering with garage door parts without sufficient knowledge could do more harm than good. Your business could not afford that to happen.