Reward Yourself: A Busy Executive’s Celebration Options

RestaurantPeople hardly give themselves a pat on the back every time they do something great at work. Even if you get everyone’s praise at work, one of the best rewards you can get still comes from you. Here are three simple ways you can congratulate yourself.

Treat Yourself to a Meal

Choose a place where you can relax and enjoy the night with food and drinks you love. Don’t go to places that are out of the way, so you don’t end up feeling tired from a long drive. The Royal recommends restaurants in the Northgate Area, down in Brisbane’s CBD, to spare your friends the trouble of commute, if you decide you want them to join you.

Buy Yourself Something Special

Remember that game console everyone has but you never got the time to buy or even play? Or how about that jewellery set you feel is too expensive? Well, if you get a bonus, that won’t be a problem, right? The Australian Securities & Investments Commission reminds to set your budget and pay your dues first, though. Then treat yourself to a special purchase. 

Give Yourself A Mini-Holiday

For those who would love to relax and recoup their strength, check into a nearby hotel. Put your phones on silent mode. Post an online ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for your friends, family, business partners and clients. Get a massage and enjoy room service. Go ahead and sleep in, because that’s a pleasure you hardly get these days.

Whatever you choose to do, remind yourself that this is something you want and need. Don’t regret the amount you spend. This is something you worked hard for, and this is your moment. Enjoy it.