Rise in the Land of the Rising Sun: Why Make Investments in Japan?

Investments in JapanSome people strive to work hard in the hopes of saving enough money to invest in a business. Others consider making investments in different industry sectors, but it pays to know you are putting your money. Today, Japan is one of the most sought-after countries for investments.

When Japan Prime Minister Shinzō Abe came up with his “Abenomics” plan, the country’s economy went to greater heights. Apart from this, here are five reasons investing in Japan is a great option:

1. Japanese goods come in reasonable prices for their good quality.

You may go to Japan and buy some of their goods – be it clothes, kitchenware, or gadgets. You can register as a distributor of Japanese goods and make good profit. After all, many people would like to get their hands on authentic Japanese products.

2. Land value is increasing.

Land prices have become stable in the recent years. First-time buyers of land properties are entitled to a subsidized mortgage for 10 years. With the increase in land value, real estate owners and financing companies will have a good share of the market. Sumitomo-rd.com.sg emphasizes the rise of Tokyo condominiums and lovely holiday residences in major areas.

3. Japan will be hosting the Olympics in 2020.

With the Summer Olympics happening in Tokyo, industry experts expect the number of tourists to multiply. With the booming economy and the increasing number of tourists visiting the country, entrepreneurs will have a huge advantage if they decide to open up new businesses.

4. Japan boasts of political, economic and social stability.

When Prime Minister Shinzō Abe rose into position, the National Diet gave him the authority to lay out his economic plans for Japan until 2016. He was the brainchild behind “Abenomics” that applied a reform program to improve the country’s economic structure. Around 40% of foreign countries consider Japan’s social stability as one of the country’s assets.

5. The country offers a comfortable lifestyle.

The Global Peace Index ranks Japan as the most peaceful country in Asia with its low crime rate. They boast of advanced medical technologies, convenient modes of transportation, and friendly people.

With Japan’s fast-paced development, investors can find opportunities to grow their business.

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