Run a Google AdWords Campaign on a Small Budget

Google AdWords Digital marketing is serious business. But, what if you’re just starting out and don’t have that much money to spare? Consider Google AdWords, a PPC or pay-per-click advertising model that will only charge you when someone clicks on your ad. Let this article help you maximize your tight budget.

Start with Google Search

Although the Google Display Network and Google Search Partner could generate some leads, they’re somewhat less efficient and qualified than Google Search. Prioritize Google Search first and go from there, says

The Right Keywords are Immensely Crucial

Start with branded keywords, which are those that include your brand, company name or brands of products or services you’re offering, since these are low CPCs or cost-per-clicks but drive high conversion rates. Next up are long-tail keywords, which are more targeted and specific keyphrases or keywords. For instance, instead of targeting “café”, which is considered a generic keyword, go for “Italian café” or better yet, “Italian pizza café in Sandusky near me.”

Consider Day Parting

This involves displaying your ads during specific days and/or times only. For instance, if you operate only from 8am to 9pm, consider turning off your ads before and after hours or run them only during peak hours since conversion rates tend to be highest during those times. You could likewise consider offering promos or coupons on slow days and/or hours to try and increase sales.

Geotargeting is a Definite Must

Google allows you to display your ads only to specific users searching for particular locations. You could easily target by km or miles around your location, zip code, or city. This will make certain that your ads will be displayed to users that are near your service location.

Targeting Devices

Device targeting involves targeting desktops or laptops, tablets, and mobile devices separately. While targeting all devices is important, you should pay close attention to targeting mobile devices since research has shown that users looking for specific services or products on their mobile devices are more inclined to convert instantly.

Google AdWords is really a good way to start with PPC advertising to develop brand recognition and increase sales. The key with working on a small budget is significantly narrowing your PPC campaign and targeting. By employing these tips, you will eventually enjoy excellent results and increased profits.