Satellites and Fleet Management Systems: Perfect Combination

fleet managementManaging a fleet of trucks as they move around various parts of the country is by no means a simple task. It takes a lot of good communication to ensure that the fleet of trucks depart and arrive safely and as scheduled. This is where effective navigation assistance and messaging system within a fleet service is important; these two hold the keys to making a fleet service reliable.

Fleet Messaging

Once the driver departs from the manufacturing site with the goods, the personnel at the office will not know the driver’s position, unless there is an effective messaging system between the two. With a proper messaging system in place, the driver can inform their whereabouts constantly to the office personnel. Besides this, they will also find the best and shortest route to the destination.

The office personnel can track of the driver’s doings as he transports the company’s goods. In fact, so important is a good messaging system for a fleet service that these firms now use satellite communications devices that overcome the drawbacks of the cellular networks. This allows communication even in the remotest corners of the world.

Fleet Management

One of the biggest advantages of fleet management, Navman Wireless asserts, is that it helps the service conduct real-time tracking of its fleet. This offers many benefits such as:

• Greater accuracy of information regarding the driver’s whereabouts and if they practice safe driving.

• Improved security levels for the driver, the company’s assets and the goods in transit.

• The alarm system notifies the fleet service personnel immediately of any on-road alarming situations such as speeding, truck moving beyond working hours and entering into certain geographic zones, etc.

Cost- Effectiveness

Put together, fleet management and messaging systems help the fleet service decrease its operating costs by:

• Reducing fuel expenses.

• Reducing mileages.

• Lowering labour costs.

• Lower the costs of communication.

In this manner, the fleet services can benefit immensely by employing an effective messaging and managing service. Deliveries are time-sensitive, and utilising fleet messaging services further enhances their efficiency.

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