Say Goodbye to Stained Teeth

Dentist checking the patient's teethFunny how stains quietly accumulate on the teeth. They just sort of turn up uninvited every time their owners drink a coffee, or a tea, or a glass of red, or eat berries. Sometimes age also dulls the teeth and some medications can too. By the time many people are in their 40s or 50s, their teeth can look pretty terrible, colour-wise.

There’s no need to be one of them though, what with teeth whitening in Camden being so available. Lots of dentists offer teeth whitening in Camden these days, including Ace Dental.

Use a dentist for whitening

There are various different brands of teeth whitening gel, but it’s safe to say that people with stained teeth are always advised to go to a dentist for teeth whitening in Camden.

One good reason for this is that the products that dentists are allowed to use or offer in take-home kits have a much higher level of active ingredients in them, so they are more effective. Another reason is that people really need gel trays that fit their teeth exactly and they can only get these from the dentist.

At-home whitening kits

These kits feature bespoke gel trays made from impressions of patients’ teeth. They fit each patient exactly, which is important in order for the gel to get maximum contact with the teeth and also to stop it spilling out into the mouth. Whitening at home takes 2-3 weeks to reach the desired shade, depending on how stained the teeth were to start with.

Power whitening

For this, patients need to spend an hour to 90 minutes at the dentist. Patients choose their preferred shade at the start of treatment. Here they will have their lips and gums protected with a plastic barrier before the dentist paints whitening gel onto their teeth. The gel is stronger than that in the take-home kits because the dentist is on hand to oversee the procedure. The gel is activated by a UV light, and it takes an hour or so to whiten the teeth. Some brands of whitening gel can guarantee a B1 shade of white, the most brilliant white available.