Selling Diamonds: Preparing to Visit the Pawnshop for Your Sale

Diamond AppraiserDiamonds are fine pieces that you can either put on jewelry or keep as collectible. When your finances get short, they can also serve as a lifesaver because you can get a good amount by selling them. If you’re planning to do this, however, you might want to have an idea about its process to avoid embarrassment and get the most out of your precious stones.

Check if You Have a Real Diamond

Not all clear and white gems are diamonds, so make sure you know what you have before selling. and other diamond brokerage businesses recommend double-checking because it could be one of the following:

  • Lab-grown – This is technically a real diamond because of its physical and chemical properties, but it can’t have the same price as a mined diamond. Pawnshops will accept this, but expect the price to be 20% or 30% less than traditional.
  • Cubic Zirconia – Mass-produced since 1975, this form of zirconium dioxide is a diamond imitation since it has the same colorless, relatively flawless, and optical properties.
  • White Topaz and Sapphire – Both gems are available in color white, so many mistake them for diamonds. They’re more prone to damages and can wear down or scratch over time. They don’t have the same brilliance of a true diamond because they can become dull and cloudy.
  • Moissanite – This is harder than cubic zirconia, but only second in hardness to diamond. It has a different brilliance than diamonds, as you can see rainbow colors within the stone.
Know the Current Price of Diamonds

Many jewelers keep things from you and this could affect how much you can get for your diamonds. Do your research and look for a professional appraiser to have an idea how much you should be getting. Get a certification report from major labs like GIA and AGS to make sure the info you have is accurate.

Sell your diamonds and get a good price with the help of a reliable appraiser and diamond brokerage business. Be informed to know how much you can get.