Senior Independence: Helping the Elderly Age Independently

Senior IndependenceSeniors are actually seasoned professionals when it comes to doing things for themselves.

Due to aging bodies or underlying health issues, though, everyday living can sometimes be a bit more challenging physically and mentally. They need help with their daily tasks, such as preparing meals, getting around the home and taking their medicine.

Doing everything for seniors, however, is not a good way to go; it does not nurture a better quality of life for the elderly either. The best thing to do is to care for them while letting them remain as independent as possible.

Listed below are some things you can do to ensure your elderly loved ones keep their independence in the years ahead.

Try Home Care

Most seniors prefer to remain in the security and comfort of their own homes, living their days with dignity and independence instead of going to an assisted living community. NTUC HEALTH suggests home care, as this provides your loved one the control and ability to enjoy an independent, meaningful life.

Make Home Modifications

Mobility, with the ability to monitor their safety, is the key to promoting senior independence.

If it is possible, try to make modifications at home. For instance, tear down walls to create a more navigable floor plan, or buy a shower chair to make taking a bath easier. You may also want to modify fixtures like showers and sinks to make them easier to access and more user-friendly. Look into home monitoring systems as well.

Take Your Time and Be Patient

Seniors can often do many tasks on their own—just at a different pace than you. Remain patient and do not rush them when they are completing a task, such as eating, getting dressed or using the bathroom. Remember that taking care of an elderly patient is generally a marathon, not a sprint, so do not rush it.

The key here is to try to do things ‘with’ them rather than ‘for’ them.

Getting home care, making home modifications, and being more patient—doing these things will not only take the burden off your loved ones; it will also increase their chances of aging safely, happily and independently for as long as possible.