Setting Expectations: What Happens on Your First Dental Visit

a woman on her dental visitBusy professionals should always find time for oral health maintenance, which includes seeing the dentist for a routine checkup. Now that you can schedule dental appointments online, are you ready for a thorough examination?

Gentle Dentist shares a brief rundown of what to expect on your dental visit.

A warm welcome

A warm and welcoming receptionist usually greets you as soon as you arrive. This person has probably confirmed your appointment, so it will not be your first interaction. The receptionist may refer you to an available dental assistant who will then inquire about your medical history. Be prepared for a thorough interview if you have no previous records in the dental office. The dental care team will want to know about current and previous illnesses and hospitalizations, as well as medications and other health concerns.

The purpose of the initial dental visit

People who are anxious about their first dental visit may find solace when they are aware of the objectives of a first dental appointment. The examination procedures are designed to evaluate a person’s general health, oral hygiene habits, and risk for tooth decay and gum disease. The dentist will also check for bite problems and alignment issues, and assess the need for fluoride, restorations, and specific procedures.


A dental appointment is necessary to maintain good oral health. Make that call today and schedule a visit a trusted dentist in your location.