Size Matters: Size is Key When Choosing Your Mattress

Woman trying mattressIt is easy to be overwhelmed with the number of mattress choices available on the market today. One of the common mistakes you should not make is choosing one that is too small to fit into your “sleep like a king” mantra. But there’s a lot more to consider than just your sleep comfort.

To help you make the best pick, here’s a guide on mattress sizes and recommendations.

Different sizes, different effects

There are various mattress sizes to meet varying needs. It is important that you understand what each size is most ideal for to make sure you are taking the perfect fit as you go.

The first and smallest mattress size is the one meant for baby’s cribs. The toddler mattress is at 27 x 52 inches, most suitable for children under 2 years old. As soon as a child becomes 35 inches long, it is time to think about transferring the kid to an adult-sized mattress.

The regular twin is next in line. Its size dimension is 38×75. Since kids grow and they are likely to outgrow their beds in no time, twin mattresses you can buy in Salt Lake City from shops such as 2 Brothers Mattress are often the resort for guest beds and bunk beds, the ones that are rarely used.

When it gets bigger

The twin XL is the best bet for people who live in tight spaces. Its width is the same as the regular twin, but it has about 5 inches extra in length to make extra room for growing kids who sleep solo.

The full-sized mattress, also called double, is the common choice for newlywed couples who have no sufficient space. It is good enough to sleep two people but not too comfortable.

The queen, sized at 60×80 inches, is the better pick for couples than the double. It does not eat up much floor space but provides a comfortable sleep space alright.

And then, there’s the king. Aptly called, this is the best choice for those who have room bedrooms. Its sleeping space available at 76×80 inches could provide consistently good night sleeps for co-sleepers.

Have you found your mattress yet?