Small Home, Big Plans: Maximising Your Space the Right Way

houseSmall houses are now the trend, especially for new families. Young professionals, on the other hand, would rather get a condominium unit close to their workplace. In Australia, some people are going for small and narrow lots to build their residential properties.

While the space might be lacking, you can incorporate a few ideas to maximise the available area:

1. Use LED or CFL Lights

Place low-voltage lights in key areas to illuminate your entire space. This will not only lower your electricity bill, but also reduces the need for constant bulb replacement. You may also want to paint the walls with colours that will better reflect the lights and make your space appear brighter.

2) Choose Eco-Friendly Appliances

Look for eco-friendly appliance and furniture brands. Some items may cost a little than your standard appliances, but the added energy-saving features might pay off in the end. Keep major electrical appliances away from large windows.

3) Go Green with Construction Materials

When it comes to narrow lot house plans, modern designs feature a fusion of steel and timber products. When properly treated and installed, these green construction materials can last for decades. Discuss your options with the builder to get the right materials for your new home.

Once you have decided on your furnishings, lighting and construction materials, hire a reputable construction company that can fit your budget and ideas in that narrow house plan. Modern concepts should not be a problem for them, especially if they have experienced working with such floor plans.

Call them and set an appointment to brainstorm and discuss your plans. With their recommendations, you can get started on building that ‘home sweet home’.