Spread Some Love in Sentosa: 3 Places Couples Can Enjoy in Singapore

Beach of SentosaSingapore is mostly known for several attractions that cater to families or groups of friends. However, there are a lot of romantic and soothing activities and getaway staycations that couples can take part in Sentosa.

Capella Singapore

Romantic spots are always the private and intimate areas that give a very secretive and hushed vibe. That’s why in Sentosa Island, perhaps one of the most romantic areas for couples to spend some quality time together is in Capella Singapore.

Expat Living has noted that this hotel is a great mix of modern and traditional, offering a backdrop of nature amid a sweet escape resort. The pool is designed to make it feel as though one is swimming in a paradise-like lake — which is probably why it is one of the favourite Sentosa attractions of couples looking for a great honeymoon or even wedding venue.

Sentosa Nature Discovery

Do you and your significant other love nature? Then Sentosa may just offer a great journey through the natural world while giving a nice exploration spin to the experience.

According to the Sentosa Online Store, participants can explore different interactive exhibits, the wilderness filled with animal life, and habitats that include a bevy of different terrain.

The knowledge and discoveries awaiting couples here can bring about a certain kind of bond that goes beyond enjoyment. Exploring and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature has never been as fun as when you’re with your special someone.

ESPA Singapore

Eager to take a break with your significant other away from the hustle of daily life? Even with just one weekend, you can already enjoy a good staycation right in the heart of Sentosa thanks to ESPA at Resorts World Sentosa.

ESPA has been renowned as a must-see destination spa and a favourite among Sentosa attractions. This has been proven by its international awards and recognitions. From world-class facilities and services to an environment that whispers the beauty of a clean and relaxing good time, it’s a great way to rejuvenate as a couple so you’ll be ready to face off another week of work together.

Sentosa is perfect for a honeymoon, an engagement proposal, or even just a time off from the daily grind with your SO. These three spots are proof of it.