Stepping Up: Zanzibar Gets its Cred

What sounds more exciting, a safari holiday in Tanzania or a staying at a luxury hotel in an exotic location? It’s okay if you can’t decide, because you don’t have to, the local government of Zanzibar is stepping up its tourism campaign and is making the island more appealing to visitors than ever before.

holiday all inclusive

Designing all-inclusive holidays that show everything Zanzibar has to offer, the tourism sector is making every effort to impress and make sure that everyone knows about them. They’ve also streamlined their web services in order to make travelling and reservations easier.

With websites like, you’ll be able to book your ticket, hotel, and the attractions you want to try, in one sitting. Potential visitors can also view the amenities and activities that are in store for them once they land on the African island.

Zanzibar offers one of the most compelling safari tours in the continent, with a large collection of parks and reserves that not only house the Big 5, but a host of other wildlife as well. Park authorities are trained to bring visitors as close to the animals as possible without exposing them to danger.

Book a tour of Zanzibar and get the experience of a lifetime. From solo backpackers and couples to families, this island paradise has lots to offer tourists.