Straightening for Adults with Invisalign in Stanmore

Woman wearing invisalignAsk any teenager what they think of adults wearing braces and they’ll probably find the whole idea pretty laughable. Ask any adult if they’d be up for it and many would rather stick with their crooked teeth than going through months of embarrassment from wearing braces on their teeth. All the self-consciousness is one reason why Invisalign in Stanmore is so popular.

Invisalign in Stanmore is available from various dentists, including Centre of Dental Excellence. It has 2 big advantages as a teeth-straightening system. Let’s take a look at them now:

Hard to spot

Discretion is key when it comes to braces for adults, and Invisalign is very hard to see once it is in place, thanks to the way it has dispensed with brackets and wires being glued to the teeth and replaced traditional braces technology with clear aligners that look like mouth guards. The aligners are about 0.3mm thick and made of transparent plastic. They fit the teeth like a second skin, and once snapped into place, they become almost impossible to see. They don’t interfere with speech either, so there are no give-away signs of dental treatment in progress. This is a real selling point for adults who have a lot to lose in terms of image with regards to their work.

Easy to remove

Invisalign aligners are taken out every time the patient wants to eat, or drink something that is not plain water. The teeth must be cleaned before the aligner goes back in, so, in practice, patients find that they eat quite a bit less. Teeth cleaning is much less hassle with no brackets and wires to clean around. Patients do need to be careful to wear their aligners for at least 20 hours a day. If they don’t, there isn’t enough sustained pressure to move the teeth and treatment times will take a lot longer.

How many aligners

This very much depends on the teeth in question, but the average treatment time is a year. Invisalign I7 is only 7 aligners, and Invisalign Lite is 14 aligners. These are both for milder issues.