Strategies That Ensure Your Site’s Images Are Optimized for SERPs

woman editing photosProfessional photographs are an integral part of all online stores. Other than attracting clients and increasing sales, photos can do much more to impact your business’ bottom line. They are however tricky and can hurt your returns when included on your site haphazardly.

With some expertise, you can use the photographs to boost your site’s SEO rank. There are various strategies a company with expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) services in Minnesota (MN) will recommend for using your images. Sievers Creative shares some of these strategies below.

1. Use keywords for your file names.

Search engines will index your texts and the file name of your images. To ensure your photos appear in the organic search results, use a descriptive file name that incorporates your keyword. This eases the location of your files for indexing by search engines.

2. Add an alt text to your images.

“Alt tags” or alternative texts are descriptive texts that identify the contents of your photo files. By adding an alt text to all your pictures, you enhance the accessibility of your files for search engines and online users.

The text also makes your photo accessible to visually impaired clients who use screen readers to understand your image. You could also include your keywords in the alt text.

3. Trim your files’ sizes.

Among the key SEO ranking factors is your page speed. About 40% of clients will abandon a site if it takes more than five seconds to load.

Photographs with a large file size will considerably slow down your page’s loading speed. Your web designer can advise you on how to trim your files’ sizes without compromising resolution.

These strategies are among the most efficient in website image optimization for SEO. They are however only a tip of the iceberg in ranking high on SERPs. Consult an expert to see how you will include the above strategies on your website and others they might recommend to boost your online visibility.