Streamlining Workflows: A Key to Business Longevity

wide area workflow systemThe Federal Government’s procurement process has conventionally been based on tons of paperwork and manual data entries from different functional agencies. This kind of environment restricted admittance to sources and information provided in different logistic and contract documents.

Towards Streamlining the Flow of Work

To achieve this goal, the Department of Defense (DOD) and other government organizations initiated the Wide-Area Work Flow (WAWF) system. According to, WAWF is a paperless contracting system used for invoices and payment processes. This organized procedure has helped both the government and the contractor’s businesses make their tasks more manageable.

Here is how the process works:

• It provides baseline technology for the government suppliers and certain permitted agency staff to capture, generate, and process receipts. This also includes processing payment related data. All these are possible via interactive web-based applications.
• The users are notified of any action required from their end periodically. They are also advised on the documents needed to process both their initial contracts and the financial actions at a later date.
• All relevant functions and document access are controlled and regulated through user registration.
• Only authorized users are allowed access. They can view only those records or documents that pertain to their line of activity.

While this is how the government has managed to streamline and secure their procurement process, other businesses can also follow suit. Businesses can improve and prosper by streamlining workflows. Performances of all types of businesses and organizations have shown great improvement through this application.

Before, implementing a functional workflow solution was a complex process. It required analysts, project managers, and programmers to work on it. Everyone involved needed to understand the process and be fully educated about it. Now, there are companies, which offer web-based solutions that are easy, quick-to-use, and economical. This covers all activities in any business, including order approvals, recruitments, financial compliance, and expense reporting, among others.

With a good system in place, businesses can increase their productivity and revenues. With everything functioning with clockwork precision, both the customers and the employees will be satisfied. Full visibility of all activities in real time is possible, which reduces frustration and retains key employees.

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