Student Problems: Balancing School and Your Social Life

Student ProblemsOnce you have settled into your home for the next four – or more – years, you are now ready to start your life as a college student.

Studying is the top priority, but being in university also gives you a chance to make new friends and memories along the way. Sometimes, students tend to forget this because the work they have to do while they are in school overwhelms them. For others, it is quite the opposite; they find it difficult to focus on schoolwork because of the excitement of being young adults.

Not sure where to start? shares some tips on how you can balance your student and social life.


If you are having a hard time with your classes, take a breather and cut yourself some slack. Stress is a common thing to experience when you are studying, but if you know how to cope with it, then you should be fine. Remember, stress takes a toll on your health, too.

Partying and social gatherings are prominent parts of being a university student. It becomes an outlet for people to unwind and let their worries trickle away. Too much partying, however, can affect your grades. It is okay to have some fun, but remember that you are in university to study, not to party all the time.


If you are studying away from home, keep in touch with family and friends back at home. If things get too tough for you, lean on them for support and share your experiences. The more you talk to people, the more it reduces your stress levels.

Prioritizing and Procrastinating

Make a to-do list, so you can keep track of the things you have to do. For every school task, there is a corresponding difficulty level, and this will help you gauge its urgency. Procrastinating is never a good idea, especially if it will harm your grades.

While some people can manage their tasks better than others, do not let this get you down. Just learn to focus on what is important and do it right away instead of cramming at the last minute. Develop your time management skills.

University is an important place to start practicing for the real world. From here, you learn many things such as managing your time and money, as well as building relationships. Remember, do not be too hard on yourself. If you are having a hard time, take a breather and loosen up a little.