Taking Care of Your Rain Gutters in the Winter

Steel rain gutterHouse maintenance during the winter months can become a little difficult, especially in places like Utah, where it snows. Find out what you need to know about maintaining your rain gutters the right way during winter.

The winter season is near, and your winter house maintenance checklist should include the rain gutters. A quick call to your local rain gutter contractor in Utah such as Double T. Inc should help you understand how to maintain these gutters. If not taken care of properly, ice dams can form and end up causing leaks and permanent damage to both the roof and your house.

When going about the winter maintenance of your rain gutters pay attention to the following:

Know your gutter

There are many different types of rain gutters, and they need different types of maintenance depending on their shape, material, and features. Make sure to know which type of gutter you’ll be dealing with beforehand.

Clean out debris

Your gutter system should be regularly cleaned of debris. Cleaning the gutter’s pipes will prevent clogging and even winter damage. Professional maintenance from a rain gutter contractor is highly advised.

Look for structural damage

Check your whole gutter system for any damage. Check for leaks and make sure they are firmly secured to your home’s structure. You should also check your house’s foundations, siding, and fascia as well, to see if there are leaks from the gutter.

Taking proper care of your house during the winter is important to keep its durability. While most might find snow and winter to be wonderful, homeowners know that it can end up causing damage to their property, so it’s better to prepare your home for the cold and snow.