The Advantages of Timber Flooring

Timber FlooringDeciding on the right type and design of flooring is crucial in any home’s interior design. There are many options to choose from such as marble, granite, and ceramic. If you’re looking for something different, elegant, and cosy, then you might want to look into timber flooring.

Why Go Timber?

Whether you’re going for traditional or modern approach in interior design, you will never go wrong with timber flooring from Planet Timbers. This type of flooring naturally exudes elegance and sophistication without looking too cold. Plus, it never goes out of fashion and only gets better as it age.

Aside from aesthetics, timber flooring is also water resistant and the most durable among other types of wooden flooring. Timber is also a great insulator and will keep your house warm during the winter season.  It is due to these reasons that timber flooring increases the value of any property.

Let’s Go Into Details
How Much Does It Cost?

Now that you know the value of timber flooring, the next natural question is how much will it cost? Comparing many Perth timber flooring contractors, the cost of installing timber floor is about above average compared to carpet and other cheaper wood flooring types. However, it is better looking and more hygienic in comparison.

How Long Will It Last?

Timber flooring could last forever, even with minimal maintenance. Like mentioned above, timber floors are durable and can withstand harsh changes in temperature without damaging itself.

How Difficult Will It Be To Install?

Compared to marble and granite, the installation of wooden floor types is easy. You won’t need to purchase additional materials like concrete and grout. Also, no need to wait since it can be walked upon as soon as installation is complete.

How About Maintenance?

If installation is easy, then maintenance is a cinch. All you need is to sweep and mop and it’s done! To remove scratches or restore its original beauty, you can just renew the finish by sanding or grinding method and reapply a coat of urethane.

Overall, timber flooring is a cost-effective option whether you’re choosing for home or commercial interior decorating.