The Bathroom: Making Your Bath Safe When Living Alone

Upgraded BathroomThe bathroom is a place where accidents may happen. As you’re living alone and might find it difficult to ask for help, you should consider placing extra attention to solving the immediate dangers in it. Here are some few pointers that can help upgrade your bathroom.

Flooring and Walls – Not all tiles are slip proof and bathroom-safe. Some have a slip resistant feel to them when they’re dry, but can be dangerous when wet. Do consider investing in proper slip proof tiles for your floor and even anti-slip bathroom mats near the shower and the door.

Water Heater  With your busy schedule, you want hot water available all times, especially when you’re home after a long day. To make it even more convenient, consult water heating installation companies in Salt Lake City to know what heating system is best for your home. Choose an energy-saving and water-saving type as well, so you don’t need to worry about adding cost to your utility bills.

Emergency Supplies – If you do experience an accident in the bathroom, you should be able to access a small emergency kit of a medicine cabinet for quick fixes. Stock it with all the basic necessities. Keep it within immediate reach, such as between the sink and bathtub or by the door.

Electronics – If you’re a technophile and can’t live without spending a moment online, listening to music, or watching TV, install a waterproof charging dock on your bathroom wall. Accidents do happen with poor handling of electronics when in the tub. A small investment of waterproof sleeves and mounts can help, as well.

Having an easy-to-maintain bathroom makes these extras and additions worth the investment. With them, you can live with peace of mind and comfort. Most of all, you live a better lifestyle.