The Challenging Job of a Security Guard

Security GuardSecurity guards are regular fixtures in different types of establishments. While most people don’t pay much attention to their presence, they perform an important role in keeping everyone safe.

Here are some of the challenges faced by security officers in Brisbane and other cities:

Working Long Hours

For security guards on duty at a shopping centre, a bank or an office, they spend the bulk of their time standing and keeping an eye on things. A lot of people may think that just standing around is easy work compared to doing something on a computer or dealing with piles of paperwork.

Keep in mind that it takes a lot of effort to be always on the lookout for danger. The shift of a security officer may also be longer than your usual nine to five.

Being Always in the Know

Security guards have to be skilled in dealing with the kinds of people coming in and out of the door daily. While they keep watch or do their rounds, they have to recognise the usual faces and goings-on and be ready to deal with anything out of the ordinary.

Dealing with Danger

Ultimately, a security guard’s purpose is to protect the people and property in their area of responsibility. They ensure the orderliness of the crowd at events such as concerts; the peace of mind of the VIP they are tasked to protect; and everyone’s safety during an emergency situation like a security incident or a natural disaster. They face danger when they deal with break-ins and other similar situations.

So consider these difficult responsibilities the next time you see a security officer on patrol. Also remember how much training is required to have security guards who are really good at doing their duties. Our cities are safer places thanks to professionally-trained security officers who are always on guard.

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