The Evolving Do-It-All Fabric – Denim

Evolving DenimThere are very few things in the world that can go beyond their original purpose and design, but going over and beyond has been the calling card of denim throughout its history. The tough blue fabric that’s been a part of almost every single iteration of clothing has been a fashion mainstay since its inception for both its style and functionality.

Denim is mostly associated with blue jeans, but in the eighties, it branched off into jackets, skirts and vests. This was one of the earliest times when people saw the possibilities of denim, style-wise. The latest incarnation in the continuing evolution of the fabric is the denim apron. Anyone who doesn’t believe it can visit Aprons by Chef Works Australia and see the future of cooking in style.

Calling denim the gold standard of clothing wouldn’t be too far off, as its initial purpose was to provide prospectors and gold miners with a tough material that could stand the abuse of the job. Whatever denim was, it needed to withstand getting wet, caked with mud, yet also easy to clean and won’t wear easily.

Its popularity spread through the blue-collar community, eventually working its way up to more affluent societies as a fashion statement. The transition was a natural one to take as stronger materials began taking denim’s place as the fabric of choice for specialised fields.

The secret to denim’s success – in addition to its durability – is its simplicity; it doesn’t have any prints or fancy cuts; it’s just a tough fabric. This allowed people to do so many things to it, experimenting with designs that look unique without compromising the recognisable look of the denim.

There may come a time when blue jeans will fade out of fashion and become a relic of the past. But, it’s almost a guarantee that denim will continue to live long after that.

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