The First Steps in Reviving an Ailing Lawn

Lawn mowingNeglecting your lawn will open up opportunities for disease, pest and weed to come in, spread out, and take over. If your yard hasn’t been receiving standard TLC and it’s starting to show, you may have to take several steps to bring it back to life.

Mow your lawn

Cutting the grass is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn because, at the correct length, the soil underneath can evenly absorb the right amount of nutrients setting the stage for new growth. Mowing causes grass a bit of stress though, so you should perform the task properly.

The best time to do it is in early mornings or evenings because doing so when the sun is high can cause the plants to go into shock. At a time, you should only cut a third of the entire length of the leaf blade.

Get rid of the weed

Dandelions, clovers and crabgrass will take over your front yard if you don’t perform basic yard weed control with Utah lawn care pros. They can show you what weed killers to go for and how to apply them to the problem areas correctly.

But as a homeowner, one important step in weed management is spotting and identifying in those unwanted greens to begin with.

Open up your lawn some more

If more work needs done to revive that ailing carpet garden, you’ll have to do more than mow to open up the area. You can do so by dethatching. Every lawn has a bit of that dried brown organic thatch.

They’re fine to have around unless they build up faster than they decay and stop the roots from grabbing on to the soil.

Add in compost soil, fertilizer, and seed

At this point, you’re ready to bring in the ingredients for new growth. It would be best to consult experts on which commercially available products to use.

You might think that weedy, patchy and brown lawn is fine but wait until you experience waking up to a lush, beautiful green yard. Once you’ve had your morning coffee on such a beautiful carpet, you wouldn’t want it any other way.