The Health Problems Caused by Cockroaches

Pest ControlJust like in any country, cockroaches are amongst the most common pests found in commercial buildings in New Zealand. The sight of these pests can be terrifying to your employees. But more than that, cockroaches can be dangerous to one’s health.

Unless addressed effectively with the proper pest control services, cockroaches tend to multiply in your building, especially in areas where you store food. They also thrive in drains, sewers and areas with rubbish. Aside from bringing filth and causing damage, they cause health issues.

Asthma Attacks

Cockroaches are widely recognised as carriers of allergens that may trigger asthma attacks. This should be a cause for concern, since asthma affects millions of people. You may have workers in your building with this condition.

Allergens may be found in cockroach saliva or faeces. Unknown to many, dead bodies of cockroaches can also be sources of allergens when these start to decompose. Moreover, they bring with them eggs of parasitic worms that may cause allergic reactions, which is why Allbrite Services Ltd recommends finding experts who can eradicate all kinds of pests.

Severe Gastrointestinal Diseases

Cockroaches may be responsible for transmitting germs that cause serious illnesses, particularly those involving the gastrointestinal system. Experts say there are more than 33 types of bacteria linked to these pests, including the very common Salmonella and E. coli species.

These bacteria cause food poisoning that may lead to serious gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery and cholera. They may also result in other fatal disorders such as poliomyelitis, typhoid fever and leprosy.

Get rid of cockroaches and other pests before they infest your commercial building. They have a huge impact on the health of your workers, which affects business operations. While pest control companies can solve this, you still need to observe good sanitary practices within the premises.