The Important People Who Contributed to Worker’s Compensation

Worker's Compensation Claim FormWorkers compensation insurance laws in Florida and other states, like many other laws, have evolved over time. These changes have made it possible for people across the globe to enjoy insurance benefits intended for all types of workers.

According to Gracey-Backer, Inc., the well-known people in history who worked in the background for Florida workers compensation insurance include the following:


Ur-Nammu is a known figure during the Sumerian era being the king of Ur, an area within the Fertile Crescent in the Middle Eastern part of Asia. According to history, there’s an ancient law observed in the Sumerian government about employees receiving monetary compensation after sustaining an injury. Early historical accounts claimed that the law was dated as far back as 2050 B.C. Although there are no actual details presented with this regulation, this early law is considered as the basis of the modern worker’s compensation laws.

Otto von Bismarck

Otto von Bismarck is considered as a shrewd and stern chancellor during the Prussian era. However, he became an important part of worker’s compensation insurance as he focused on co-opting with typical Prussian laws like social insurance. In 1871, he drafted the Employer’s Liability Law that provided social protection to employees working in specific companies and industries such as manufacturing, mining, quarrying, and others that pose potential injuries to employees. This early law is regarded as the ancestor of the early Florida workers compensation insurance with its applied changes.

William Gladstone

William Gladstone is the British prime minister who pushed the Employer’s Liability Act in 1880. Although this law did not establish a system that promoted a “no-fault” platform, it’s one of the first laws that showed the importance of investigations in providing worker’s compensation. During this time, employees were required to collect proof of negligence on the employer’s side to be used for documentation and litigation purposes.

Compensation offers numerous benefits for employees who have sustained injuries that affect their livelihood. These new laws, however, won’t be in place without these important people who laid the groundwork for the modern law. They are only three of the prominent individuals who contributed to the promotion of worker’s compensation as a right for today’s employees.