The Joy and Pain of Saying Goodbye to Bubble Wrap’s Pop

bubble wrapThe manufacturer of the much-loved industrial packing accessory has modified the classic bubble wrap. The bittersweet news came with the introduction of the new and improved iBubble Wrap, which is, of course, all for the sake of business.

While it is part of everyone’s childhood to tear open packages and boxes, one irreplaceable gem is the joy of unrolling the layer of bubble wrap covering a fragile item. After that comes the even more satisfying feeling of popping these little sealed bubbles of air. The revamped packing tool, however, has turned into a full-fledged industrial material by making their air of bubbles unpoppable.

For those who use bubble wrap for industrial purposes, like, the latest innovation comes with the following:

More Protected Items

It was never really established that the beloved bubble wrap was solely for protecting fragile items. Since its conception in 1960, both professionals and children have enjoyed its presence. With its upgrade and sturdier improvement, the items are assured of full protection, as air bubbles have a less likelihood of being popped.

Less Wasted Wraps

Losing its pop means losing a significant number of avid fans. But this also means that there will be less wraps wasted from the endless bubble popping.

While it was possible to have these protective wraps recycled, it was difficult to fight the urge to pop them every time you lay your hands on them. The new iBubble Wrap takes up less space and makes sure that air stays inside. This not only saves plastic, it also saves the environment.

More Money Saved

The cost-effectiveness of the iBubble Wrap comes with its durability and the reduced need to buy new ones every time you ship, pack or move fragile items.

If popping these little bubbles was a way to relieve stress, well it is time you find something else that does. Until then, why not join the Popping Bubble Wrap community on Facebook and share your sentiments?

Losing the bubble wrap’s beloved pop is a step closer to improving business. While you will surely miss the popping satisfaction from it, keep in mind how it benefits you and the society more with its un-poppability.