The Right Glass for your Home

Environmental Health Indicators - ehinzWhether you are seeking to replace the existing windows or wish to buy new ones for your renovation project, it is critical to note the different options available for window glasses.
Knowing how, where and when different types of window glasses should be used can help in your selection of best glass for your windows. Also, other factors, such as your location in Auckland, determines the glass type that you go for. Consider the following:

1. Insulated windows

If you are seeking energy efficient windows, then the insulated Auckland glass is the way to go. These installations possess low-emittance coatings, which keep your house comfortably warm during the cold season. It also offers a refreshing and cool atmosphere during the summer. Often, these types have double or triple panes, which not only maximise the energy efficiency, but also minimise external noise entry into your home.

2. Impact resistant glass

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes or any other extreme weather conditions, then this glass type is your best option. This glass can hardly fall and shatter even with strong impact. Instead, it remains intact as it is held together by interlayers. It is majorly used in stair railings, curtain walls, balconies, exterior storefronts and roof glazings. As a plus, it offers noise reduction and UV protection.

3. Reflective glass

This glass is beneficial for homes that are located in sunny regions. Reflective windows minimise solar radiation and ultraviolet damages to you and your home. Apart from these benefits, it is considered as one of the most visually aesthetic and design-versatile window type. This makes it a popular choice homeowners who wish to balance aesthetics and safety.

Still unsure with the right window for your home? Do not hesitate to talk with a contractor today.