The Search for the Good Caregiver

CaregiverFinding a caregiver you can trust is difficult. Often, people struggle on where to begin. It is important that the professional you hire is one who truly cares.

Here is a short guide to help with the search:

Assess Your Needs

Experts from MyCareMatch encourage an initial assessment of the level of care you or your elderly relative needs before calling prospective caregivers. For example, if assistance is only necessary for routine activities like keeping the house clean, preparing meals, or bathing, then a personal care aide is the professional you need.

On the other hand, help with managing medicines or changing wound dressings on top of daily activities, will require help from health aides. These professionals work as part of a health care team under a nurse’s supervision. It is also important to take special health conditions (e.g. dementia or diabetes) into account in your search for caregivers.

Use Home Health Agency’s Services

The hiring process should only start after you have determined your needs. You have two options when it comes to this: you can either hire directly on your own or use the services of a home health agency. The more practical choice is the latter.

A health agency’s services does away with the hassle of posting advertisements on the newspaper or on the Internet. More importantly, you can ensure that the caregivers you work with are trustworthy. Simplify the search by checking out directories of home health agencies online.

Conduct Background Checks

A background check on potential caregivers is a must. The process involves checking credit reports, criminal history, Department of Motor Vehicles records, and all other relevant documents. You have to secure a written consent from the potential caregiver to proceed with the background check.

Home care agencies can help you with this if you are pressed for time. They conduct background checks and guarantee that caregivers go through rigorous screening.

A good, trustworthy caregiver is a gem. Find ‘the one’ that suits you by keeping these tips in mind.

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