The Suave Gentleman: The Guide to Looking Sharp Year-Round

Modern GentlemanFor the modern gentleman in the UK, physical appearance is a big deal. It is as important as having financial security, a house or having three meals a day. It is that physical form that you use to go through everyday life. The first impression that it makes is crucial to winning rewards in all matters personal, business and everything else in between. To put things simpler, taking care of how you look is setting yourself up for success.

For those looking to make it to the top, here are some ways you can look sharp for the challenges ahead:


The first step to looking good, is fixing your hygienic habits. Excellent and religious adherence to personal hygiene not only makes you look good, but is essential in staying healthy. Keep yourself clean by taking regular baths (of course, you already knew that). Keep your nails neatly trimmed. Regularly visit the barbershop. Of course you may sport long hair as well as facial hair, but there are ways to keep it orderly and not looked unkempt as if you were marooned in an island for years.

Look after your dental health as well, says dental professional Good teeth mean good health, so visit your dentist for regular cleaning and orthodontic treatment if you need some alignments fixed.


It cannot be denied that having a lean, muscular and fit body exudes raw sex appeal. A level above grooming, keeping your body in great physical condition is another step towards gearing up for success. Regular exercise kicks your metabolism into high gear, allowing you to live each day with greater energy than others. This energy translates to positive mood, something indispensible when you are in the process of accomplishing something. So if you want to reach the top, quit the couch and get sweating.


If you are going to battle, you might as well have the armor and gear for it. Men who want to succeed in all their engagements should know the value of a good wardrobe. Wherever you go, there is always something to be seen. Keep your appearance sharp with a nice shirt, pair of trousers and sturdy shoes. The way you dress also factors in to first impressions, and sometimes, even influence the dynamic you have with people. So talk to your tailor and commission yourself some clothes. Be mindful though, the effect is in the person who wears it. Even a surplus suit can look like a premium on someone who knows how to carry it.

With everything going on, fixing how you look can pay dividends in life’s everyday challenges.