The Timeless Wonder that is the Bean Bag

Bean BagWhoever says that bean bags are a thing of the past is sadly mistaken. Because these vibrant-colored 90s favorites remain relevant furniture pieces even for the next generation.

Bean bags are popular additions to bookstores, cafes, and homes. One of the reasons behind the beanbag’s fame is how it’s a chair that is not a chair — in fact, it’s not even made from wood. These oversized bags filled with Styrofoam pellets or some similar material serves as a pseudo-couch well-loved by the international community.

Despite being a 90s staple, bean bags are making a comeback and proving their relevance in the millennial society.

Before: The Origins of Bean Bags

Bean bags receive numerous names from enthusiasts, including Oversized Sacs and Physics bags. Created during the late 1960s and early 1970s, bean bags served as the substitutes to expensive chairs for homes and commercial properties. During the overwhelming demand for bean bags, manufacturers replaced leather with vinyl and filled the bags with plastic pellets.

Bean bag popularity reached its height during the 90s, especially with the youth. Due to its comfortable design, the chairs accommodate various lounging positions for kids hanging out with their friends.

Today: Bean Bags are Not Just for Teens

Today, bean bags are not just additions to any child or teenager’s room. According to, bean bags are great additions to homes in need of chic and stylish seating. This generation’s range of bean bags is no longer the ones popular among children — they are available under famous designer labels.

With various styles, shapes and sizes available, bean bags serve as contemporary additions to homes in need of chic styling.

After: Bean Bags for the Future Generation

While times may change, bean bags may forever be with today’s society. The number of young professionals continues to rise, and most of them prefer to live away from home. Rather than settle for expensive chairs, the future generation will seek convenience and cost-effective solutions in the form of a bean bag. Because of its availability and convenience, more people and establishments choose to fill their places with colorful bean bags instead.

It’s for certain: bean bags are here to stay. Although certain styles will fade, homes and commercial establishments will never be without this comfortable piece of furniture.