The Types and Applications of Heat Shrink Tubes

Heat Shrink TubingElectrical hazards are dangerous and some have turned out fatal despite efforts to inform the public on how to guard against this. Other than these efforts, various ways have been adopted to guard against electrical hazards such as heat shrink tubing. This option is effective in insulation of electrical wires, repair of damaged insulation, provision of resistance against abrasion, provision of environmental sealing protection among other things.

Engineering Supplies shares the various categories of shrink tubing, depending on how you plan to use them.

Adhesive heat shrink

This category is divided further into various classes including the wrap around heat shrink, dual wall & adhesive-lined heat shrink and tape, as well as the heavy wall flame retardant self-adhesive heat shrink class.

  • Wrap around heat shrink – is appropriate for insulation and repair of in-use cables.
  • Dual wall & adhesive-lined heat shrink and tape – is effective in guarding against debris, water, chemicals and dust.
  • Heavy wall flame retardant self-adhesive heat shrink – is suitable for insulation of low-voltage power connections not exceeding 600v.

Standard heat shrink

This category is divided into the following classes.

  • Flame retardant polyolefin tubing – it is meant for oversized connectors.
  • Standard wall tubing – commonly used in commercial, network and auto applications.
  • Polyolefin heat tubing – used to cover wire harnesses at the ends of connectors.

Speciality heat shrink

In this category we have:

  • Custom printed heat shrink – this option carries much more than insulation properties since it can be designed with the logo of your firm on it hence, serving as a way of marketing your organisation.
  • Fabric heat shrinking – this is the best option for harsh conditions that provides insulation for rubber hoses and wiring.
  • UV reactive and glow in the dark shrink – is fit for computer case mods, as well as car and motorcycle wiring because it is conspicuous.

Identifying the right heat shrink option is based on the purpose to be served. Otherwise; expected results will not be realised.