The Unasked Questions in Venue Booking, and What to Expect

BrisbaneThe right questions to ask to anyone in a budget are most likely not in the frequently asked questions
section of the venue website you have seen. If you are in a budget, you have to be careful and extra
conscious when it comes to booking a good venue.

In that regard, here are the unasked questions to cover before deciding on a good party venue for hire
in Brisbane.

1. How much do you charge for extra hours?

Examine the costs involved thoroughly. How much do they charge for extra hours? When it comes to
events like these, you have to be mindful and prepare for the unexpected. You will most likely spend a
bit more time in the venue, as it is a time for enjoyment and merrymaking. Be ready to shell out more
money than you intended and ask for these details.

2. How many cars can your car park accommodate?

Account for the transportation that your guests will likely use. With that said, one of the most essential
things to ask is where your guests can park. Exceptional party venues in Brisbane will provide a good
parking slot or cordon off an area to assist your guests.

3. Do they offer full service or do you have to pay extra?

What is included in the actual bill? You will save more if the venue you will book already provides
various facilities. There will be venues in the area that will offer amazing packages and the key is to
compare prices and features offered.

4. Is there a cleaning fee after the party or event?

Finally, ask who will take care of the cleaning. Some venues offer it for free but others charge for it as
well. Ask if there is a cleaning fee and ask how much they actually charge for it.

Ask the right questions and book the best venue for your event at the right budget. To ask now is better
than look like a fool later because your bill is higher than you thought.

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