The Unbelievable Variety Where Sitting Down is Ridiculed

The Girl is Reading While Sitting DownYou cannot fault humans, and yourself, for trying to innovate things to the point of oversimplification. It guarantees that everyone can use a device, software or follow instruction with little difficulty. All thanks to the increasingly intimate knowledge with everything, it is easy tinkering with things. It did not only yielded pretty things, as over-analysis became a norm in today’s society.

It is hard to point a finger, but there is one thing all people know for certain: some individuals get caught up in micromanagement. They put too much importance on things too small to matter, which leads to a whole heap of problems. Take sitting down, for example. A once-innocent passive activity is somehow a culprit for cancer, obesity and poor motor functions.

Where Science Adds to the Problem

Usually, scientific inquiries provide the answer to everything. At least, it offers a qualitative perspective on things. As such, there has been a number of articles published online that smear the act of sitting down. A major, international publication found the issue so compelling that they had to write a profusely colourful piece about it.

Nevertheless, other organisations aimed to stem the demonisation of sitting down. In a recent submission to the International Journal of Epidemiology, researchers found no link between the immobile position to early deaths. It redeems the neutrality of taking a break in sofas and anywhere you can sit, by science no less.

All About Leisure

You should consider yourself lucky to sit down to do work, have dinner or even read a book. When you are outside, you expect to be sitting on your Cape Cod chairs. From the shores of New Zealand to the eastern coast of the United States, little compares to getting sun while sitting down. It is free, and to people who aim for that tanned look, it is free this way.

More than that, sitting down makes contemplating easier. Many people need to take a break from their busy lives to just sit down. It is not much, but thinking of things that already passed has the potential to make you a better person.

These are all contemplative, much like sitting down. So, for you to find out, find a way to sit down. Whether it is in your front yard on in a coffee shop, it is one of life’s true treats.